**ICOSCE was inspired by the Government of india’s Human Resources Development minister Mr. Madheo Rao Scindhia who has introduced Private universities Bill for the first time in the parliament and since then the council has marched ahead covering a long distance till what it is today on its own footing.

** Under HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTION ACT ,1993 autonomous bodies have been given special protection & consideration.( For further details refer: AIR 1993 SC-2178.

** According to Govt. of India National Educational policy,1986, ICOSCE is one of the best council for Spreading India.

** Facility for Admission exist and open to Hindi Institutions in Self Reorganizations Act. (For further details letters 9.2.87 D-1 (Bhasa) dtd 5thMay 1988 may be referred to issued by the Education Department Govt. of India, UP.

**According to J.P Unnikrishnan vs Andhra pradesh AIR 1993,Supremme Court 2178,Volunteery Institutions/Council have right to spread education & issue Certificates for Degree/Diploma.

**The Prathama is equivalent to Matric (Secondary/High School) and Madhyama is equivalent to Intermediate (Senior Secondary) courses vide Govt. Notification .

So ICOSCE is a mile stone of Globalization of education in India. Council has lite a candle of the light and a million candles will lit ablaze the entire educational firmament the whole world in the light of truth and awareness.